Extension Cord

Extension cords play a crucial role in electrical setups, and we offer a diverse range catering to various needs.

Our PVC Extension Cord is crafted from high-quality PVC material, ensuring exceptional durability and electrical insulation. Ideal for household, office, and light industrial applications, it provides a reliable solution for power extension. Not only is it safe and dependable, but it also offers high flexibility and easy storage.

The rubber extension cable, manufactured from rubber material, exhibits excellent flexibility and cold resistance, making it suitable for demanding industrial environments. Waterproof, oil-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, it ensures a reliable power connection in harsh conditions. Widely used in heavy-duty industrial settings like construction sites and workshops.

For heavy-duty industrial needs, our extension cord for heavy duty is tailored and constructed from industrial-grade materials resistant to high temperatures, oil, and abrasion. With high current capacity, it suits large machinery and high-power appliances. Compliant with international industrial standards, it stands as the ideal choice for industrial power extension.
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